Vitality In The Midst Of Boredom

Elsewhere: Vitality in the Midst of Boredom.

As we waddle in this seeming endless boredom, we can still find reprieve and vitality.
This is why even with the current pandemic, our literary spaces have been up and doing, innovating, reinventing, and creating free spaces for meetings and conversaions, via the social media and other virtual platforms like Zoom.
Announcing on its Facebook page, Open Arts is offering us a free space for “conversations emerging around this experience of quarantine and using the coronavirus and poetry as a common and unifying experience.”
It is tagged the Quarantine Poetry Series, a Bi-weekly One Hour Hangout on Instagram hosted by the Poet, Mahe Salihu. The first session will go life on the 16th of March. Poetry and poets will be on the roll.

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